The Blaze Planner Difference

Gold pu Leather Deluxe Binder Package


Do you yearn for a life of real meaning and purpose?  That desire can only be truly satisfied by putting God first, not just in your head, but in your heart and in your every day. You may be asking - what does a planner have to do with my purpose?

REVOLUTIONARY - The Blaze Planner is a Revolutionary Tool that helps you Live Intentionally and Shine Brilliantly.  Instead of taking MY calendar, MY plans, and MY dreams and trying to "make them happen" -  it guides and coaches you page by page on how to align your daily activities with HIS Story- the God Story - the story of the sovereign CEO of the universe. 

RELEVANT - With (3) luxury pu leather binder colors to choose from, this 7- ring, built-to-last, planner is customizable, portable, and beautiful.  From Prayers to Projects and everything in between, this planner provides real benefits - both for now and for eternity.

REWARDING - Beginning with Christ and heaven in mind, you can follow our exclusive process to create lifetime habits that will help you glorify God and make His name known.  You can then begin to build a life of real meaning and experience true joy, peace, and freedom in Him like never before.  It is HIS PLAN. YOUR PURPOSE.

We guide you step by step to take this ONE LIFE and build an eternal legacy.

Want to spend every moment with God?  Come talk to us!

Planner Details:

  • Plush - pu leather binders in Teal, Gold, and Black with magnetic clasp
  • Ocean colors and lighthouse theme throughout
  • Over 500 sheets
  • Handy 5 ½ X 8 ½ sheet size
  • 12 monthly tabs - beautiful seascape background
  • Weekly Anchor Plan and Review
  • 365 2-page per day calendar
  • Ignite section with Master To Do Lists, Pending Lists, Completed Actions, and Future Possibilities
  • 10 Specialty Tab Sections - Blaze, Goals, Prayers, Sermons, Ministry, Meals/Shopping, Trackers, Lists, Projects, and Notes
  • Specialty sheets include - the exclusive Blaze Lighthouse Process, Goals pages, Prayer pages for all areas of life, Sermon Notes, Sharing the Gospel track and graphic, Meal Planning, Recipe Catalog, Habit Trackers, Spending Trackers, Items Loaned and Borrowed Tracker, Special Days overview, Morning and Evening Routines, Travel Checklist, Cleaning Checklist, Project plans and more!
  • 2 page lifters - front and back to protect pages
  • 2 page dividers - Weekly and Ignite To Do's
  • 1 Sheet lifter - with printed lighthouse process and ruler - provides quick access to the daily section.
  • 2 ample pen loops
  • Business / Credit Card holder
  • Notes / Paper leather pocket