About Us

The Blaze Planner was many years in the making. Officially launched in October of 2018, this small team of women revealed the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith, intended to help Christian women everywhere live intentionally, and shine brilliantly for God. 


~ Our Mission ~

To equip women with tools and training to become women of ETERNAL LEGACY
- to focus EVERY DAY on HIS plan, on their purpose, and on tasks that will matter FOREVER.

~ Our Team ~ 


Sandi Lucas, the creator and CEO, is married and has four beautiful daughters (including twins) and three sons-in-law.  She spent most of her career in the high-tech industry at Fortune 200 companies.  A veteran management professional, she has provided business consulting in a variety of industries.   





Stephanie Bullock, the Director of Operations, married her best friend and wonderful husband, Josiah.  She spent the last eight years of her career in education in both private and public schools.  She is passionate about seeing God glorified in the lives of His people, specifically through missions and worshiping through music.    



Stacye Laube, the Client Engagement Manager, was looking for a purpose in life.  Her two kids grew up and needed her less and less. She began praying about what to do with her extra time.  The Lord led her to Sandi Lucas and The Blaze Planner.  "Not only do I have a purpose, but I live my life with purpose." 





Jaimie Garrie, Digital Marketing Specialist and Account Manager is married to her soulmate, Jonathan,  and has two wonderful sons.  She is the founder of SheTribe Ministries, and has a passion for sharing the love of Christ through women’s ministry. 






Samantha Peterson, the Marketing Specialist and Brand Ambassador, is married to her Coast Guard hero, Dustin, and is the mom of one beautiful son.  She has a passion for organization, and loves to share tips and tricks to her tribe!




Shannon Vollmer, the Resource Coordinator, is married to her wonderful husband, Samuel, and a graduate of Houston Baptist University.  She is committed to women finding encouragement and purpose through intentional living.  







Shyenne Lucas, the Youth and  College Project Manager, is a full-time student at the University of Houston studying communications. She is dedicated to her studies and hopes to achieve great things after college. She is very passionate about her campus ministry, RUF, and excited to see how God uses The Blaze Planner to impact students and young adults. 



~ Our Core Values ~

We value PEOPLE as having eternal significance, created by God for a clear and definite purpose, and are worthy of the investment of our time, energy, and lives.

We value a SERVANT'S HEART, and therefore we purpose to honor others above ourselves, in our words, our attitudes, and our actions.

We value careful STEWARDSHIP of our resources as we realize that everything we have is a gift from God, entrusted to us for out careful use and investment.

We value WISDOM in goals and priorities, which allows us to define our life purpose and daily activities based in knowledge applied from God's perspective.

We value INTEGRITY before God and man in our character and conduct in relationships with people.

We value ENCOURAGEMENT as we strive to spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

We value EXCELLENCE in all areas of life. In striving for it, we can become better than we thought we could be.

We value INITIATIVE and creative thinking, which causes us to find new ways to accomplish our goals and priorities.

We value PERSONAL GROWTH because we believe it strengthens us and keeps us continually learning.

We value PERSEVERANCE because it propels us to action in spite of our circumstances.

      ~ Our Story of the Blaze Lighthouse Picture ~

In January of 2016, I visited the Outer Banks to see my sister for her birthday. We drove out to Cape Hatteras and got out of the car.  As we walked along the beach picking up shells, I remember thinking— what a beautiful creation God has made—the ocean, the sanderling birds, the blue crab, and it was truly a wonderful day. I had also been thinking about what to name our conceptual planner company. It’s a tool to help women live intentionally and shine brilliantly for God.

As we were leaving, I snapped the picture on the right of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on my phone and didn’t look at it until later in the day. As you can see—it is a beautiful clear blue sky.  The lighthouse WAS NOT ON! My daughter Stephanie took one look at the picture, and the planner name was born—BLAZE. It is a reflection of the Sun—although we call it Sonshine!