Hello Planner Savvy!

Thank you for considering The Blaze Planner!  You have probably tried a few others and may actually have crafted a “system” that works fairly well for you.  It may be a hybrid of technology and paper, but you understand the value of writing things down and being able to see your calendar and other organizational sections in a paper spread.  You intuitively know that works better for you.
So why Blaze?  What is the difference?  The Blaze Planner, along with our easy to follow training videos, will walk you step by step into the world of intentional living.   Our purpose is to glorify God and make His name known, as you will see throughout the planner. 
From the calendar pages, to the prayer section, to the trackers section – you will see a clear focus on prioritizing your life around God’s eternal principles. 
Let us show you how you can build every area of your life on the bedrock of God’s Word, and help you to experience joy, peace, and freedom like never before.
Check out our introduction video for further information.