So many people are anxious and stressed about the outcome of this week's elections. What should our response be as believers of Jesus?
3 FACTS about the Elections
#1: God is SOVEREIGN over ALL Governments
Honestly, this can be tough to think about and strangely comforting. To gain a little context, Paul wrote these words while he was living under the rule of Rome, one of the most historically brutal regimes. Yet, Paul encourages the church to rest in the fact that God has instituted the civil government that ruled the day.
The same is true in 2020. Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's election, God is on His throne, and He instituted the incoming political leadership.
Some may ask, "But even if God is in charge of everything, how do I know that I can trust Him?"
That is a great question! God is never shy about showing His character to us. When you read the pages of scripture, a pattern starts to emerge and then grows until it is a roaring train hurtling down the tracks to Revelation.
God is faithful. God is good. God is just. God is righteous. God is holy. God is love.
Over and over and over, these and many other truths become evident. As we think back in our lives, these truths are there too. Some have experienced immense grief, heartache, abuse, slander, and a whole host of injustices. But the sin of man does not negate the goodness of God.
God's love conquered all sin when He sent His son, Jesus, to die in our place on a cross, so that Jesus could defeat sin, raise to life, and let His sacrifice pay for our sins.
#3 God is on HIS OWN SIDE
Shocker...God is not a Republican or a Democrat. When Joshua asked the angel if he was for the Israelites or for the people of Jericho, the angel replied, "No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord." In other words, I'm not on either side.
Dr. Tony Evans writes, "God is not a Democrat nor a Republican. He didn't come to take sides. He came to take over."
When you vote in this election, vote for Biblical values and principles. Don't get caught up in labels; get caught up in the heart of God. Search the Bible for yourself.
Dr. Evans continues, "One of the great tragedies in the church of Jesus Christ today is that we have lost our ability and authority to be an influence on those around us. We have lost this because we have divided and aligned ourselves with the politics of men. Rather than be the third team with the power from and allegiance to a whole other King and kingdom, believers have taken sides with the two teams on the field. Believers have allowed political expedience to override the kingdom of God.
God has not given His allegiance to any party. His allegiance belongs to Himself—His Word, principles, and truth. As a follower of Jesus Christ, you represent His kingdom as well in
whatever political capacity you choose to position yourself."
What happens if I don't like the results?
Check out our Prayer section in The Blaze Planner.
Behind the Prayer tab, find the page that is titled, "Pray for All Those in Authority - By Name."
Fill in the new names for each public office held.
Now...deep breaths...pray. Pray for them by name. Pray that they surround themselves with godly leadership and counsel. Pray that if they are not believers, that they come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
Pray that they use wisdom in making decisions in their offices and pray for unity across the partisan divide.
Pray...pray...and pray some more. Amazing things happen when we lay them at the feet of Jesus.
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Live Intentionally; Shine Brilliantly, Blaze Nation!