5 Steps to Bloom in a Season of Change

5 Steps to Bloom in a Season of Change

The idea of blooming in October can seem so weird to some people. Most think of spring as the season for blooming. And that’s true. But many times, people have to prepare the soil, maybe plant bulbs, and prepare for winter in expectation of the blooming season.


Sometimes, you have a season of change when you least expect it. What do you do when it seems like so many parts of your life are on shifting sand and nothing seems to stay the same?


As we fully embrace this last quarter of 2020, the Blaze team wanted to give you 5 steps to bloom in the season of change.


Step 1: Recognize when God is working.


How many times have you and I fought change? I know I think about how disruptive and annoying it is and how all my plans need to change. Even though God has a 100% track record of trustworthiness, I still struggle to see that sometimes the change is God working through my life to bring Him glory (even in pain).


When things start to shift, stop and pray. Ask God if He’s doing the changing. Keep reading the Bible and learning about Jesus and His character. Take a look at your circumstances and see if maybe, just maybe they are helping you become more like Jesus.


Step 2: Embrace the changes with grace.


In this election season, I’ve seen many brothers and sisters in Christ ready to defend political parties and political candidates far more often than share the Gospel to their neighbor. Worry and stress are filling people’s thoughts as they consider all the possible “what-if’s” post November 3rd.


Changes will probably come no matter who is elected to different positions federally, state-wide, and locally. But take heart, sweet friend. God is unchanging! He is never shaken. He is sovereign over all governments on this planet and over all natural and supernatural in heaven, on earth, and under the earth as Philippians 2 states.


Embrace change with grace, knowing that God is still on His throne.


Step 3: Get excited about partnering with Jesus in what He is doing.


Quick family story. When my parents had the last kiddo move out to go to college, they didn’t sit around and mope about living their new phase of being empty nesters. My mom started a new company, The Blaze Planner (and aren’t we all glad she did!!!)! Sandi partnered with Jesus in her season of change and was obedient to His call of helping Christians live intentionally and shine brilliantly.


What is Jesus already doing around you? How can you partner with Him to reach your neighbors, friends, and family with the good news of God’s love and forgiveness?


Step 4: Pay attention to how this is affecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually.


This is an important piece that many people ignore. Change can affect you more in one area or another. There have been many times in my life when I didn’t feel stressed, but I was constantly tired or foggy brain. Some of that was emotionally eating poor food (an emotional reaction to change) and part of that was how stress was affecting me physically.


Pay attention to your body. Are you tired, jittery, struggling with insomnia, etc.? Are you making poor food and exercise choices (too much, too little)?


What about your emotions? Are you irritable? Do you cry more easily than usual? Do small changes make you feel like your world is falling apart?


How are you doing spiritually? Is your prayer life quiet? Are you still trying to get to know Jesus through His Word? Are you reaching out to a trusted mentor or friend?


It’s important to check your stress pulse in a season of change. Ask yourself if any of these systems are out of whack. If they are, reach out for support!


Step 5: Walk with God, not rushing in front or dragging behind.


If you have ever planted vegetables or flowers, you know the importance of patience in the growing process. Sometimes, plants take a few seasons to bloom, no matter what you do.


Think of what God might be doing in your circumstances. Be patient with His choice of timeline. If flowers and veggies take time to grow, and you are much more precious to God, then how much time will it take for Jesus to walk with you through this season of change?


Just as important as not rushing ahead, be careful not to drag your feet when you sense the Holy Spirit working in your life. I love the imagery of being tucked in close to God that we see in Psalm 91:4, “He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and buckler.”


Change can feel scary, but tuck in close to the Lord and stay safe in the shelter of His wings! As we all walk through seasons of change, we can take these 5 steps to bloom no matter the circumstances.


Live Intentionally; Shine Brilliantly, Blaze Nation!


 ~ Stephanie