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Hello Planner Addict!

Welcome Planner Expert!  We are so happy you are here.  We see you out in the craft stores, in the office supply areas, and especially online all over planning websites, and secret organizing societies ? that permeate the internet.  The Blaze Planner team understands completely because we are addicts ourselves! In all of our searching, however, we could not


Hello Planner Savvy!

Thank you for considering The Blaze Planner!  You have probably tried a few others and may actually have crafted a “system” that works fairly well for you.  It may be a hybrid of technology and paper, but you understand the value of writing things down and being able to see your calendar and other organizational sections in


Hello Planner Novice!

Welcome to the world of planners!  You may be thinking “Why do I need a planner?” Isn’t everyone just using their technology to stay organized?  The answer is a resounding “No”! Current data suggests that the paper planner industry is actually growing at the unexpected rate of 10% per year when other paper products are shrinking.  Why